My ex is dating someone else but still contacts me

I was like why you contacting me then? Maybe he has a personality disorder? Then 2 week ago, he said he is working extra hours to save and make this right, if you know what I mean? I even told him I am a queen not your happy meal. He said move forward like a queen then. Told him I have but you keep coming in my life saying all this stuff.

Then asks to call me later. I know, men can be nuts. He begged me back for 2 months straight, I told him my stipulations to to work things out. Been focusing on me. I met my ex when I was 16 and he was We dated for 2 years and he dumped me. We kept in contact throughout the years.

Every once in awhile we would me up and talk and have sex and just go our separate ways until the next time. As time passed he would contact me because I knew what he wanted but I would ignore him and he would give up only to try again a month or two later sometimes longer. Here about a month ago I gave in and met up with him. I went to his house he bought dinner and we talked listened to music and just caught up.

The next day he contacted me and we ended up having sex. I thought oh big mistake on my part. He tested me daily and called me as well. We had sex a few more times. I thought…has he changed? At first, I was asking myself what did I do. I met this guy for almost two years ago. His life was very complicated at that time. I saw him losing jobs and his house so I most definitely took care of him.

Why does my ex contact me when she is seeing someone else?

After a while I found out he was cheating on me with several females so I broke up with him. It was a very nasty break up..

He was being on my Snapchat everyday watching my story. I brushed that off cause there some people watching any story cause they bored. After a year I texted him that I forgave him for everything he has done even if he was sorry or not. I cleared the air and moved on for myself.

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After I texted him this he was posting a snap for the first time ever since I was following him. Well I was happy that he was it. Two months later I posted a snap about my upcoming project. He took the step and texted me and asked me about my well being.

I was kinda pissed off so we had more of an argument than a real conversation long story short he wanted to see me again.. We ended up in another argument we both ended up deleting each other. After four months I contacted him told him I would like to meet up know since I had the feeling we both should fix our behavior.

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We ended up seeing each other he was a different person I really saw how much he was working on being a better person. He had a new job, new clothes, car everything. The way he was carrying himself was differently and he really tried to improve himself in several ways, which he thought would have been the problem I broke up with me.. He hurt me and I just contacted him cause I was curious about finding out what he was about. He told me that he feels sorry that I just came to find out about his intentions cause he would still care and thought I was feeling the same. Which was very weird to me cause he was always so private with his family and we aint together.

Anyhow he told me he was seeing another girl.

Sneaky Sign No. 1: Emotions

I knew about the other female and was patiently waiting for him to tell me about her. I asked him why he lied to me he and this girl were together for almost 6 months and he was showing her off several times especially that time when we was arguing about seeing eachother or not well. What does this guy want from me?

And why is he talking to me knowing he has another female? What was his plan??? He is still in a relationship with her. If men think pretty highly of themselves and believe that they are entitled to the best women, common sense says they will always be looking outside their current relationship to find another woman that is better than the one they are committed to. Since there are always going to be women smarter, funnier, more beautiful, etc.

The cycle will continue if, or until they become self aware and adopt some healthy understanding of what being in a real relationship means instead and not be lead by their ego. It tells us that we were objectified and not valued for who we are. What inventive is there to be in a another relationship? The right kind of guy will still appreciate other women but not jump from one to another..

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Being your best self is a way of respecting him and the relationship, and of course yourself.. And another important factors in relationships are variety and mystery.. And in that way, you also stay interdependent because you have your own life..

Sneaky Sign No. 2: They Are Being Competitive

I am currently cohabiting with my ex bf 4 years together because our rental contract has not ended yet. It will be ending in 2 months time. Even though he dumped me, he still want to be friends with me, so he keeps asking me out for lunches and dinner.

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When I ask him why he is doing this, he says it is because he wants to end our relationship on a good note. Eventhough I have lunch and dinner with him, he seems to be texting other girls all the time. Does this mean that he really has moved on and just really want to be friends with me? He even asked me for sex but he say directly to my face that he just wants sex and ask me not to have any hope on getting back together.

Hi, I was dating a guy for 5 months. We got acquainted during our exchange period in another country. I just agreed on that and he said that we going to be friends. When we came back to our home countries, he in less than a month got back with his ex. He told me he broke up with her because of me back then. He kept texting me and I came to him after 2 months.