Christian dating a catholic

Also, dating is for potential marriage right?

Posted by Trinity on April 26, at But that had a lot to do with who he was as opposed to his religion. Posted by sunshine on April 25, at But even if you are big on being Christian, you can still date him for a while.

Is marrying a non-Catholic Christian worth considering?

We were together for over a year and I ended it. My parents told me I should , and it took a long while before I did. We chose to remain friends but I know he still has hope of being together one day. He does loves The Lord.. But our beliefs arnt the same. Were friends now and I like that.. But he still has hope and my parents have a weird thing with him. What should I do?: Posted by ShanellElise on April 5, at As in they pray to Jesus and not to Mary. So it depends on the Catholic. Posted by ivyandroses on April 13, at All Catholics pray to Jesus. It is understand that all Catholics will keep a healthy prayer life with God, preferably every day.

“I’m Baptist, He’s Catholic…Should I Take It Further?” | Project Inspired

It is required to pray at least on Sundays in the form of the mass. You simply cannot call yourself a practicing Catholic if you do not pray to Jesus on a regular basis; it is part of being any Christian, and especially part of being Catholic. We also pray with Mary not to Mary.

We ask her to pray for us to God, because she is His Blessed Mother. We believe that her prayers are the most powerful, since Jesus honored her as his mother, and so we ask if she can intervene for us to God. At the end of the day, the prayer is for God, but if the Blessed Mother of God supports your cause, the prayer is so much more powerful. Posted by lilawe on March 23, at Thank you ivyandroses you put it very nicely!

And totustuus, just by your username you are a strong Catholic. Posted by totustuus on April 27, at Ivyandroses you are so right! No Catholic worships Mary, worship is reserved for God alone. We honor her as our mother, Christ gave her to us to be our mother as He died on the cross.

Posted by cjgoatgirl on April 2, at I had tried helping him learn about the Church of Christ but eventually he decided to stay Baptist with his parents. He is now dating a Baptist girl. Posted by murphylauren15 on March 28, at Actually, one person does not have to sacrifice their faith for the other. My dad is Catholic, and my mom is Protestant. Our family has always alternated churches every Sunday.

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One Sunday we go to a Catholic church, and then the next Sunday we go to a Protestant church. The Catholic church makes it clear that if two people are going to be married, they need to agree to bring up their children Catholic. That means catechizing them, taking them to mass every Sunday and HDO, providing them with all the catholic sacraments, and doing their best to set them forward on a path to Catholic living.

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In the end, he left the Church altogether. God clearly addresses that Christians or those who are saved should not date or marry outside of their face. Demonic strongholds exist and can only be broken through Jesus Christ. So if your not saved how do you expect to break them? Posted by iceKate on March 28, at I have a question. How can I witness to those who are older than me? But, at the same time, I want them to be saved, because I love them and want to see them in heaven. How can I talk about Jesus with older relatives? Posted by blackbelt on July 10, at Posted by Jester on March 28, at If you really like me, why let something like go d come between us?

Posted by girl4godR on March 27, at If you feel his religion will pull you away from God then maybe take a step back and reevaluate. Posted by vsmith21 on March 27, at Posted by Mara Jade on March 28, at Posted by Anika S on March 27, at My boyfriend is Catholic; I am Presbyterian. We have been together for nearly three years, are now in college together and are both devout Christians.

Being different denominations has helped us to learn compromise and how to communicate better. Compromise because right now, I attend Mass with him and he attend church with me. Best advice I could give you; pray, pray, pray before you start the relationship so that you know if this is the best path for you and him. And finally, if you do start a relationship together and if at all possible, find a married couple who have been together a long time and who came from separate denominations.

If it still happens, there must be sorrow and remorse, and encouragement by the non-Catholic to go to confession and a stronger commitment to keep it from happening.

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  • A woman on the pill, a man using a condom, and any other apparatus or method used for the purpose of preventing conception of a child. A Catholic can never, ever, agree to the use of artificial contraception IN marriage, as well as prior to marriage. A non-Catholic must accept that the person they love is pro-life and open to life, and believes contracepting is contrary to life and true love.

    A Catholic is ready to forgive and have mercy on those who wrong and hurt them.

    Christianity: The Catholic-Protestant Relationship - My Catholic Perspective

    They are ready to sacrifice for the good or need of another. A non-Catholic must accept that they person they love is someone who does not love selectively or conditionally, nor is a hypocrite. A Catholic makes time to pray to God and strengthen their inner, spiritual lives, and includes God in all important decisions. A non-Catholic must accept that the person they love is a person of personal prayer and includes God in the relationship.

    That Jesus Christ, who was crucified, died and was buried, rose from the dead on the third day. All aspects of being a Catholic is in vain if Jesus did not rise from the dead.

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    A non-Catholic must accept that the one they love believes this as historical fact and as the cornerstone of faith. So what do you think so far? Perhaps he loves you but is critical or annoyed or mean to others who have wronged him or you. If this is the case, then you are not actually dating a Catholic.

    He might say he is Catholic, but he is not a practicing one. Sadly, there are many baptized Catholics who still call themselves Catholic, though they no longer believe or live it. But if he holds true to these key things, then you have to decide if you can live them, even if he never attempts to get you to become Catholic. You still have to live with a Catholic.

    AND, you will need to agree to raising your children to be Catholic. I truly believe marriage between a Catholic and non-Catholic can work, primarily because marriage itself does not require the same religion to be successful. Love between two persons can have such a strong mutual respect that there is never an inclination to do anything to hurt the other, and always a mutual encouragement of what is important to the other.