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I believe that it's a waste of time to write anything that designed more to gratify your ego than transform the reader and liberate her. Currently working on memoir and a collection of short stories about Occupy. Various corporate Silicon Valley Employers. A significant event, because I realized both that I would rather end up in prison than work a job like this, which does nothing for society and sucks the soul away, and realized how sick the hierchical system of property ownership and profit extraction is, as opposed to the workers sharing in ownership of the country, buildings, and profits.

It just leads to an environment where everyone is competing against everyone, snitching on each other to bosses, performing out of fear not devotion to the product or consumer. University of California, Riverside.

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Current City and Hometown. Riverside, California Current city.

Polyamory, Season 1

Los Gatos, California Hometown. Tracy, California Moved in Honolulu, Hawaii Moved in Devoted to expanding their family, they are inviting two of their lovers, married couple Jen and Tahl, to move in with them. The Triad is thrown into turmoil when Anthony and Vanessa want Lindsey to put some distance between her and boyfriend Krystof. When he unexpectedly shows up in Riverside, Anthony and Vanessa decide to confront them.

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Meanwhile, in San Diego, Kamala Devi and Michael alongside couple Jen and Tahl establish the sexual ground rules for their new living situation. These boundaries are put to the test when Kamala Devi's girlfriend, Roxanne, drops by for a surprise visit. Feeling left out, Vanessa reaches an important decision about her relationship with Anthony and Lindsey.

Feeling the fallout from the confrontation with Krystof, Lindsey visits her former lover, Jacob for some moral support. Down the coast, Kamala Devi is under pressure from Michael to share her girlfriend Roxanne. Jen's monogamous sister Michelle confronts her about being polyamorous while married to Tahl.

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Kamala surprises Michael on their wedding anniversary by allowing him to go on a date with her lover, Roxanne. But after he has left for the date, even with the ground rules set, Kamala reconsiders her decision. Meanwhile, as the Riverside trio prepares to celebrate their own anniversary, Vanessa plans to surprise Lindsey and Anthony with a wedding proposal of her own.

Polyamory Season 1: Episode 4 Clip - Michael's Anniversary Gift

East meets West - or rather -Riverside meets San Diego when the two pods meet at a poly potluck dinner. Prior to the dinner, Anthony, Lindsey and Vanessa find themselves nervous, unsure of sure what to expect or if they will be accepted. In San Diego, Jen and Tahl fight over the invite list.

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  • Jen takes exception to Kamala and Michael's attempts to mediate the fight and questions her decision to live with them. In an episode of dual "coming outs", Lindsey tells her mother that she's polyamorous and that she and husband Anthony are in a relationship with Vanessa.