Can you hook up an ipad to a promethean board

Getting started with your iPad- Using Reminders June 26, Getting Started with your iPad- Adding photos and videos to your emails June 19, Getting Started with your iPad- Mail signatures June 12, Protect yourself online with ease May 22, Getting started with your iPad- Connecting to a Bluetooth device May 15, Getting started with your iPad- iPad Accessories May 9, The School IT Graveyard: Recycle your Old Technology May 1, Apple vs Android in the Primary School April 24, Subscribe to my posts. Moving beyond the App Store. VAT Reg The student is able to walk to the board and interact with stuff.

It works like a mouse at the board.

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You can open up a PDF document that projects on the screen and allows you interact. A teacher who uses the I do, We Do, You Do it gradual release of responsibility method of instruction will see the power these tools have to get the students "butts off the seats" and that is critical to an engaged classroom. We staged this dramatic failure to show you guys that sometimes this happens with technology.


A tech specialist is not always available. How difficult is this hardware for the average teacher to manage?

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Installation is definitely for specialists. Even glitches are somewhat complicated--even for tech-savy teachers. There is a multi-wire situation. We train teachers as far as plugging into the right hole but you don't hand these tools to them cold and expect them to run with them. If it goes down it's call your IT and facility people kind of stuff.

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Team member, Matt tried to diagram a troubleshooting sheet for a teacher and it was a web of complexity that was too much. He didn't realize until he actually started diagraming the steps how complex it truly was. We concur that Apple TV is the most simple of these devices.

If a tool isconfusing and it goes down, people don't even try because it looks like Pandora's box and they stick to what they know. The more complicated it looks the more hesitant people are; however, teachers are often using these tools fearlessly because of how much easier and how much more powerful these tools are for teaching. With the Promethean Boards there is a fair amount of tech support that goes on.

Recalibration is common request. For teachers using the Mimeos they weren't any less complicated than the SmartBoard or Promethean but in this school there were a fair amount of teachers using the same thing and together they could figure it out. There was a creative culture of support amongst the teachers using the devices. The question for technology specialists has always been, "How do we get the teachers to use it?

How to connect your ipad to an Interactive Whiteboard.

That's what Apple has been trying to do--make things simple. Recently, Barry had an instructional assistant who'd never used an iPad before. She useD it in his absence as a substitute. Have have her 30 seconds of training and she used it flawlessly without his help. There is no known Promethean Board scenario that matches that. Team member, Dean, mentioned that if you're going to put a Promethean or SmartBoard in a room, the screen is smaller than a typical pull down screen normally installed in a classroom.

The Modern Educator

With these new devices, you ow you have to move the projector. Then if you decide not to use these at a later time, there's another expense of moving it for projection back onto the larger board. What we're saying here is that there's "the price" and then there is "THE price" of technology installation. Here's the elephant in the room. The big question is: If an administrator doesn't know what else to buy you'll get more bang for your buck with iPad combo but if you've got a community of supportive teachers who are creating lessons, etc.

We believe that Mimeos, SmartBoards and Prometheans are becoming antiquated. Barry talked about the iPad application named Group Board. This is like a collaborative whiteboard where kids see on their individual iPad screens everything someone else is doing. When someone does something on their "board" everyone working together sees what is being done.

Can You Hook Up An Ipad To A Promethean Board Questions To Ask Man Before Dating

Promethean doesn't provide this interactivity. With iPad we see app developers really pushing the envelope with this collaboration capacity. If you are trying to display the image of your iPad to your class, you should be aware of the best options available. AirPlay requires a piece of hardware connected to a projector as well as some IT support from your school.

Both of these are software packages installed on your computer. They work like Apple TV.